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Title: Angst
Author: Butterflybird46
Pairing: Jaemin of course!
Rating: R (kinda dirty...)
Disclaimer: Of course I don't own these boys in any way but if only i did....

"I hate you! Hate you! Hate you!" Jaejoong was too busy punching his pillow to notice that Yuhno had walked into the room.


"Damn, what the pillow do to you?" Yuhno stood there staring as the pillow continued to get pulvarized.

"None of your fucking business!" Jaejoong snapped. Yuhno threw his hands up and backed away before he became the next target of Jaejoong's wrath.

After Yuhno ran quickly out of the room, Jaejoong resumed his assault on the pillow...poor pillow...

Who the hell does he think he is? What a bastard! An arrogant bastard! I effin' hate him! Next time I see him, I'm gonna claw his eyes out and feed them to his dog!

Jaejoong was quite upset, if you haven't noticed it by now.


"What the hell is wrong with Jaejoong? What is he bitchin' about this time?" Yuhno asked the two boys on the couch. Micky and Junsu were too wrapped up into their videogames to notice.

"Yah! Are you listening to me?" Yuhno yelling, but still no response. He did not like being ignored. At all. He ran up and pulled the plug to the game. "Hey what you do that for?! We got to the 17th level already! Hyung!" Junsu looked like he was about to burst into tears.

"That's what you get for ignoring me. Now what is wrong with Jaejoong?"

"If you wanted to know, go ask Changmin. He's always the center of angst for Jaejoong. You didn't have to turn off our game..." Micky pouted.

"Oh I forgot about Changmin...Sorry..." Yuhno ran away before the boys started crying and he would feel really guilty.


Now where is that twerp?

Yuhno walked around the house, searching for the boy and found him in the recording room. He pushed open the door, startling Changmin.

"What did you do to Jaejoong?"

"What are you talking about? I didn't do anything to him."

"Well he's bitching right now in his room, about to tear his pillow apart."

"I didn't do anything! Unless it's something I don't know about...Why do you assume it's me everytime he gets mad?" Changmin pouted, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Because it usually is you. You know how controlling he is and the only one he wants to control is you. Ever since you guys started dating, he bitches everytime you do something wrong. He doesn't pay attention to us. His world revolves around you." Yuhno circled his finger in front of Changmin's face, trying to add emphasis to the world-revolving-around-you.

"Fine. I'll go see what's wrong." Changmin relunctantly got up from his desk and trudged off to their bedroom.

Why has he got to get pissed off all the time? I always have to go and apologize even when I didn't do anything. If I don't, the other three get pissed at me because if JJ is mad, he doesn't cook or clean for us, so it sucks for everyone. Four guys mad at me and no food...Aish!

Changmin quietly knocked on the door. Rustling was heard. He opened the door and walked in. Before he could dodge, Jaejoong had thrown the pillow at his face.

"Aish hyung! What was that for?!" Changmin rubbed his nose just to make sure it wasn't crushed in from the impact.

"It's for you being an ass! Get out you bastard!"

Jaejoong threw another pillow, but Changmin caught it in time. He took the chance, using the pillow as a shield and tackled Jaejoong onto the bed behind him.

Pinning Jaejoong to the bed with his body, Changmin threw the pillow between them to the side. Jaejoong's hand went up to hit Changmin, but Changmin was quick. Grabbing his wrists, Changmin pinned them down on the bed. Jaejoong wasn't going to give up this easily. He was too mad. He struggled, twisting and writhing his body trying to push Changmin off.

Changmin wasn't the weakling the boys once knew. He had become stronger than the rest and Jaejoong couldn't win. He gave up finally, relaxing, trying to catch his breath. He was panting and his body was covered with sweat. He looked up at Changmin through daggers for eyes, but that didn't last long. Changmin was sweating too, looking like an effin' god. He had his black wifebeater and sweatpants on. The wifebeater was tight and now it clung to his body beautifully due to the sweat. His face glistened and his hair was so sexy messy. Jaejoong couldn't help but get a little horny...OH and the heat between two extremely close bodies wasn't helping.

"Now that I have your cooperation. What the hell is it that's stuck up your ass?!" Changmin loosened his grip on Jaejoong's wrists.

Jaejoong didn't waste any time and pulled Changmin into a rough kiss. Changmin was caught by surprise. Jaejoong flipped him over, getting on top. "I think the question is what isn't stuck up my ass..." Jaejoong said in a low, husky voice. The assault was now upon Changmin. Oh this is the best way for you to make it up to me now! Jaejoong smirked before pulling his shirt over his head. He ground his hips into Changmin's.

"Mmmm..." Changmin reciprocated and Jaejoong's lips came crashing back down onto his. It was a battle, really, of who could explore deeper into the other with his tongue. Changmin pulled Jaejoong's head in, trying to leave no space in between. Jaejoong's hands went wild on Changmin's chest and abs, rubbing him down in every spot.

Jaejoong pulled at Changmin's lower lip before letting go to pull his wifebeater off of his body. "Hmmm...you look delicious...mind if I have a taste?" Before Changmin answered, Jaejoong's mouth was already on his nipple, licking and sucking and biting. "Joongie...ahhh more..." was all Changmin could say through his pleasure.

He continued his assault on Minnie's nipples before moving lower. He licked and kissed a trail down to the rim of Min's sweatpants. He pulled those off quickly, revealing Changmin's neediness. He removed his own pants and stood up to wiggle his ass in front of Minnie. "You'd love to stick that nice c*ck of yours here wouldn't you.." JJ smirked.

Changmin grunted at the sight of JJ lovely ass. He couldn't wait anymore. He had to have him now!!

He sat up and pulled the unexpecting JJ down, laying him spread out on the bed. Changmin's aggressiveness in the bedroom was seldom, but oh how it pushed JJ to the limit when he was.

Changmin hovered over JJ and whispered in a husky, bossy tone, "Don't ever tease me because you will get punished."

"What are you going to do about it?"

Changmin lowered to Joongie's ear and whispered, "I'm gonna ram my c*ck into you until all you can do is say my name..."

Jaejoong shivered at the thought and looked at Changmin, quite surprised at how dirty Changmin could talk. Oh what the hell! He knew he liked it.

Changmin kissed Jaejoong again, but this time slowly and gentle with a hint of urgency and desperation. He moved along JJ's jawline and sucked gently on his neck. "Changmin...love me...have me..."

Changmin gave JJ a small peck on the lips again before sticking two fingers right in his ass. "Ahhh....hmmm..." was all JJ could manage in his current state of pain and pleasure. Changmin pushed in and out a couple of times just to get him used to the invasion, prepping as you can say. His other hand went to pumping JJ's member. The more turned on he is the more relax he'll be when Changmin enters him.

Jaejoong couldn't take anymore. This was so much pleasure, heaven could not begin to compare. He arched his back and moaned out Changmin's name repeatedly, wanting more and more. "Changmin just give it to me...I don't think I can hold much longer," Jaejoong exclaimed breathlessly.

Changmin obliged. He took his fingers out and positioned himself in front of Jaejoong's opening. He slowly pushed in. "Ahhh.." both cried out in ecstasy. Changmin had waited long enough, he was leaking so bad, he knew he would die if he couldn't get some release.

He wasted no time. He held onto Joongie's hips and pumped hard and fast into him.

Jaejoong was so close. He began with soft, incoherent mutterings, but as he reached the edge, he was screaming for Changmin. "More! More! Faster! Harder! Oh Changmin!!!" Thrashing his head from side to side, he knew he couldn't hold on any longer. He arched his back, push his hips hard into Changmin and came.

"Oh baby, yes do it for me...cum..." Changmin had reached his climax too. Moving in a blur, he pumped faster and harder and released himself in Jaejoong. "Ahhh...Jaejoongie!!"

When they were both done, Changmin collapsed onto JJ, nuzzling his head into the crook of JJ's neck. "That was so good.." Changmin moaned.

When they were breathing normally, JJ cuddled close to Minnie and kissed him. "You sure know how to make it up to me."

Changmin just smiled shyly back. Even though he didn't know what his crime was. Maybe it's because I'm too sexy...


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