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Title: Distraction
Author: Ngan
Rating: NC17
Characters: Junsu and Yoochun
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters; own the plot
A/N: this is the side story to Angst. (Check my page for that JaeMin story.)

Junsu wandered aimlessly around the house, walking wherever his feet took him.

He didn't have anything else to do now that Yunho took away his pride and joy, his videogames! His feet dragged against the white carpet until they stopped in front of Micky, Jaejoong, and Yunho's workroom. Changmin locked himself in our workroom so I'll just sit in here.

Junsu fell back into the computer chair, feeling quite depressed. He had gotten to level 17 and Yunho had to come and turn his game off. All of his hard work was wiped out in the instant that the plug was pulled from the outlet.

Junsu covered his face with his hands and let out a sad, frustrated sigh. "Why would Yunho do that?!" He cried out. Then he proceeded to pout and kick his legs and throw his arms around like a little kid who didn't get his way.

Micky walked towards his workroom, planning to go write some music because stupid Yunho had to turn off his game. After working that hard to get past all those levels, he didn't have the energy to start all over. "Aish that pisses me off..." Micky let out a heavy breath.

As he neared the room, he heard some high-pitched incoherent babblerings, like the whinings of a little child. Who could that be? I didn't know we had a kid in the apartment today...

He opened the door to find Junsu sprawled out on the ground, beating his fists. "Oh it's just you." Micky ignored Junsu and went to sit down at his work computer. "Why are you in here? Can't you go into your workroom and pout." Yunho had put him in a bad mood so he didn't want to bothered by Junsu at the moment.

"But hyung I'm so mad! He messed up our game!" Junsu whined.

"I know...But what do you want me to do about it? I can't turn back time."

Junsu continued to pout because there wasn't anything to do about it. What was done was done. "But I'm bored..."

"Me too..." Micky sighed laying his chin on his head as he stared off at the boring white wall across from him.

Then a naughty idea came to Micky. He eyed Junsu on the floor. "Hmm I know what we could do to keep us distracted for a while." He began rummaging through his desk drawer.

Junsu, who was sitting on the floor next to Micky picking at his shoelaces, looked up with a renewed spark in his eye. He face broke into a bright smile and he clapped his hands like a little kid. "Ooh what is it Micky? Is it a fun game? Do you have toys we can play with?" Junsu was overcome with the thought of a new game to play. He was so excited!

"Ah ha! I found it!" Micky pulled out from the drawer a small device that looked somewhat like a large bullet. "This will be our distraction." Micky said with a devilish grin.

"What is it?" Junsu's voice showed a hint of disappointment. It didn't look fun...He took the thing from Micky and examined it. He looked at it this way and that. Then he ran his hand up and down the length of the device. Ooh what does this switch do? He turned the switch on.

"Wow...It vibrates! Cool! What do you use it for?" Junsu turned his attention to Micky.

Micky had observed Junsu touch the vibrator. The way his hand moved on the object made Micky twitch. Micky was in a daze. Oh Junsu...you effin' tease.

Junsu stared at Micky. Micky looked as if he was going to eat him up by the way he was licking his lips. "Hyung?"

Micky snapped out his daydream and answered, "Huh?"

"Umm what do you use this for?" Junsu said hesitantly.

"Oh let me show you..." Micky said in an innocent, but suggestive voice.

He stood from his seat and went to close the door of the room. He then pulled Junsu up from the floor. Junsu didn't know what he had in mind, but he followed Micky's lead anyways. Micky took the vibrator from Junsu's hands and turned Junsu around, having him face the door, his back towards Micky. "Take off your shirt." Junsu didn't say anything and obliged.

Junsu's muscles were developed but not too much. Just enough to give the man a toned physique comparable to a god. His tanned skin reminded Micky of sweet smooth caramel which made him just want to eat Junsu even more. His hair was messed up from the shirt being pulled off, but it made Micky just want to run his hands through it and tug at the soft mess as he plunged deep inside of the boy.

Micky had to take some deep breaths to control himself from attacking him now. He had to take Junsu by surprise or he may not comply. He leaned close to Junsu's ear and whispered, "Now relax." Junsu nodded.

Micky took the vibrator and rubbed it against Junsu's back. The vibrating motion against Junsu caused him to jerk initially, but once he thought Micky was giving him a massage, he relaxed his body and let Micky do his thing. "Aww Micky you wanted to give me a massage. It feels really good..." Micky smirked at how naive Junsu can be. He continued to move the vibrator across Junsu's back, digging in in certain spots to relieve the tension. "Yeah that's the spot." Junsu moaned.

Junsu's reaction caused Micky to stiffen. Junsu's moan caused Micky's member to stand at full attention. No more waiting; he had to have him now!

"Why did you..." Junsu called towards Micky but before he finished his question, Micky had pulled Junsu's sweats and boxers down and plunged the vibrator into his entrance.

"Ahhh! Micky!!" Junsu cried out in pain. His body tensed under the invasion of the foreign object and he leaned against the door to steady himself.

"Just relax baby...It'll start feeling really good in a moment..."


Micky laid back into his chair with Junsu in his lap, both boys exhausted.

Both boys were glistening with sweat and panting heavily. Micky moved his hands to rub Junsu's back. "Wasn't that fun?" Micky asked in a low voice.

Junsu made a couple of mewing noises in response, nuzzling his face into Micky's neck, not quite coming down from his high yet.

Micky chuckled at Junsu's obvious agreement and turned to kiss the boy's ear. He wrapped his arms around Junsu and held him tight, rocking the chair a little.

After a while of sitting in Micky's warm embrace like that, Junsu pulled up to look at Micky through doe-like eyes. Micky looked back at him with a soft amusement at how cute the boy looked at the moment, cheeks flushed and hair sticking up every which way. "What?"

Junsu started to play with Micky's necklace, sliding the pendant back and forth, not meeting his gaze. He replied in a soft, shy voice, "I need to be 'distracted' again..."





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