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Title: Break Free
Chapter: 3/?
Author: Ngan
Characters: Shinhwa and others
Disclaimer: Don't own them or anyone else...
Rating: PG
Warning: Chapters will range in rating so just look for each one...
Summary: She won the Summer Love Contest. Getting to meet her idols (Shinhwa) was a dream come true, but it wasn't that simple. She was in for the roller coaster of her life... 

Chapter 3


I opened my eyes up weakly, raising my arm immediately to shield them from the bright sunlight. I slowly pulled my body up to sit up. I looked around and noticed I was in bed. What happened?


Jasmine walked in. "Oh my god! Nanalie you're finally awake! How are you feeling? Do you need something..."


"Calm down Jaz...I can't understand anything you're saying. Talk slowly." I grinned at her. "What happened?"


"You passed out on me yesterday. I couldn't get you to wake up. I went and got the school's physician. He said you were just exhausted and that you needed to eat. Nanalie I was so scared!" Jasmine hugged me, tears running down her eyes as she sobbed softly on my shoulder.


"I'm fine now. Don't worry. It's okay." I felt so bad. She was worried about me. I feel blessed to have someone like her.


"NO you're NOT! The physician said that you'll be too weak for the next couple days that you will have to take a rest from your studies."


"What?!" Oh I shouldn't have gotten upset because I was starting to feel light-headed again. I laid myself back down in my bed. "I can't do that Jasmine. MCAT's is Friday. I need to study!" I was about to cry!


"I don't care. You are not going to kill yourself just because of some test. Now I'm going to get you food and then we'll discuss what we're going to do." Jasmine patted my hand and left the room.


I can't do this. I HAVE to take that test. All of my hard work...down the drain...




Jasmine came back with some chicken soup and cracker. It was fine for the first few tastes but seemed to become saltier. Maybe it was because of my tears.


"Nanalie don't cry. I know you're frustrated, but you have to take care of yourself." Jasmine came to sit next to me.


I looked up at her through blurry eyes. "You don't understand. All of my hard work is going down the drain...I probably can't take the MCAT's until next year if I don't take it Friday." I looked down at my soup again.


Jasmine didn't say anything. She finally got up and left.


I couldn't even finish my soup. It had become tasteless now. I pushed it aside and went to curl myself up on my bed.




I was awakened by light shaking from someone. I opened up my eyes to see Jasmine's face, lit by the light of the desk lamp.

She was smiling. "What is it?" I rubbed my eyes and sat up.


"I worked it all out for you. I talked to the professors. Being the studious person you are, they agreed to ask the people administering the MCAT's to let you take it on Monday. Best of all, I contacted Good Entertainment and they too agreed to let you come late and arrive for the contest next Friday! Aren't you happy?"


I guess by the look of shock on my face she couldn't tell what I was really feeling. I was doing miny cartwheels in my head! I was beyond happy...I don't think there's a word for how I'm feeling.


All I could do was hug her. "I knew you'd be happy...Now get your rest and I'll go get you more food." She tried to get up, but I didn't let go.


"Thank you so much.." That's all I could say. She meant so much to me. I never had told her that. I was too busy studying. I was so selfish. She was always there but I never appreciated her enough. A tear ran down my cheek. I was so blessed.


"I know, I know. If you'll let me go, I can go get food and I'll be right back." She pulled away and wiped my tears. "You know you're like a little kid sometimes. Always crying. But I love you..." She stood up to leave.


I'd never said this to her before, but now was the time to show her how much I appreciated her. "I love you too."


Jasmine stopped and turned around. She stared at me for a while. All I could do was smile. I think she got my message because she came back, hugged me, and said softly, "I know."




A week passed by so fast. I had taken my MCAT's and to tell you the truth, I was really confident about it. I think I did rather well. Now just the scores will confirm it.


It was Thursday and I was packing for my trip to Korea. I kind of have mixed feelings. I'm kind of excited, scared, and curious all at once. OH gosh I'm ACTUALLY going to Korea to meet Shinhwa. Holy crap! (not that crap is holy or anything...)


Jasmine had gone out to buy me some things that she felt I needed for the trip. Well speaking of the devil, here she comes. I can hear before she walks through the door, yelling my name.


She dumps what seems to be a hundred bags on my bed. "What did you buy? The whole store?" I looked at the bags wide-eyed as a pawed through the contents. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes.


"Well you need to dress to impress, so I bought you new clothes! Don't you love this shirt?"


There had to be more than $500 worth of clothes. "Jaz where did you get the money to buy this stuff? I can't pay you for all of this!"


"Don't worry! Dad's credit card needed some usage anyway. Just think of this as an early Christmas present." Jasmine's dad was an international real estate agent, working on big deals with pretty important people. His paycheck wasn't small, no less than 6 digits...a month. Five hundred dollars didn't begin to dent Jasmine's funds her father regularly deposited into.


I just smiled really big and jumped to hug her. She giggled. "I don't know why God blessed my life with you. You must be an angel."


"I know, I know. Now let's try on these clothes!" She handed me shirt after shirt after skirt after pants...should I continue?




Suitcase in hand, I said my farewell to Jasmine. "Thanks Jaz for doing so much. I going to miss you so much."


"I know, I know. Just remember to be good, keep curfew, don't talk to strangers..." We both laughed. I put down my suitcase and hugged her.


"Flight 430 to Seoul is now boarding."


"Okay go. Your plane is boarding."


"Okay." I picked up my suitcase to leave. "Bye." I walked towards my gate. I turned around to wave.


"Bye..." Jasmine waved back. "Remember to call me when you get there."


"Okay," I answered, turning around to wave, walking backwards.


"Get me Junjin's number!" Jasmine laughed.


"Okay! Go!" I waved one last time and then motioned for her to go. If she didn't leave, I wouldn't have the heart to leave. She stood there, still waving, still smiling that smile of hers...but I could see a tear run down her face.


I started to tear up. I ran back to her. "What? Did you forget something?"


I just hugged her tightly. "I'll miss you. I miss you already actually."


"I do too. Now go!" She pushed me to go and I ran to my gate and checked in.


Before I walked into the terminal, I waved to her one last time. What am I gonna do without my angel? I smiled to myself. Wait...why am I always depending on Jaz for everything? I need to become self-sufficient. I need to stop being a burden to her. I will become independent.


I was determined to become a new person. Someone who could be better person. Someone Jasmine can depend on and not care for like a little child. This time in Korea will help me become that better person.


Here's to Korea, Shinhwa, and...a new me.
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