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Title: Break Free
Chapter: 2/?
Author: Ngan
Characters: Shinhwa and others
Disclaimer: Don't own them or anyone else...
Rating: PG
Warning: Chapters will range in rating so just look for each one...
Summary: She won the Summer Love Contest. Getting to meet her idols (Shinhwa) was a dream come true, but it wasn't that simple. She was in for the roller coaster of her life...

Chapter 2


*4 months earlier*


"Shinhwa Summer Love Contest?" All 6 men exclaimed simultaneously, staring wide-eyed at the CEO of GOOD Entertainment  Jung Junho and their manager Kim Jaemin.


"Isn't this more for the younger generations? All of Shinhwa are close to thirty and established, and going out with one of the fans is kind of a newbie promotion act, isn't it?" Minwoo had a point, and the other five nodded their heads in agreement.


"That's why we're doing this publicity show. More and more young bands are debuting this year and to show the fans that Shinhwa aren't turning into a bunch of old rejects, we're letting the fans get to know you on a more personal level to see how young and lively you can be," the manager reasoned.


The men became quiet, staring at the poster that was passed out at the beginning of the meeting promoting the contest. WIN A CHANCE TO BE SHINHWA'S SUMMER LOVE! was printed in bold, flashy writing across the poster.


Shinhwa hadn't seen each other due to solo projects lately so when they were called in for a meeting a GOOD Ent. Headquarters, they wondered what for. Now they sit in the meeting room staring at each other around the round table, already discussing group activities. Everyone was pretty involved with each of their own work so this was another headache added onto the list.


"Okay, so when are we picking the winner?" Eric finally broke the silence.


"We'll promote for three months and decide. We actually decided to open this up internationally to hopefully increase your fanbase overseas. We're letting girls, or guys, from Japan, China, and America join in the contest," the manager Jaemin explained.


Before Jaemin could continue with the details, all of them spoke up at once, yelling random complaints.


Guy? What? We're not gay!

How are we gonna talk to the ppl overseas?

We're not gay!

We barely speak english, except for Eric. Andy, sorry but your english sucks.

We're not gay!

What am I gonna say the whole time?

We're not gay!

You want me to just smile and nod every five seconds or something like I understand!

Did I already mention that WE'RE NOT GAY!


"Okay, Okay! We know this is kind of a shock to you but for overseas fans, we will furnish you and the fan with an earpiece so a translator will be interpreting everything you're saying on your date so it will go smoothly. As for the guy issue, many fans have loved the pairing between the members so naturally you will have many guy fans who would love to be with you so we're just accommodating. It just means more fans for you!" Jaemin was starting to strain his voice now trying to yell over the chaos and calm the six guys.


Dongwan slammed his hand on the table, standing from his chair. "The plan is fine but I am not dating a guy. Do you know how hard it is for me to impress the ladies in the first place with my loud mouth and the fact that everyone thinks I'm in love with Minwoo? God, I'll never get married. NO GUYS!" Minwoo patted him on the back, trying to coax him into sitting down. Dongwan sat down and folded his arms across his chest, still glaring at his manager. He made up his mind. There was no way he was going to be caught dead with a guy on a date!


Finally the CEO spoke up, after sitting there, listening to the struggle between the group and their manager. "Fine. No guys, but everything else goes as planned." A breath of relief was exhaled by each person, except Dongwan who smirked and stuck out his tongue at Jaemin for getting his way. How childish he can be! "You all can go back to your solo activities until we need you to shoot the promotional video for the contest and then later to announce the winner. We'll be in contact. Meeting adjourned." The CEO Junho stood up and walked out, escorted by Jaemin. The other men followed by standing up and bowing at the man as he left. All of them fell back into their chairs as soon as the door closed behind the CEO, obviously tired from all of the obligations that were piled on them these past few months. After the tour last year, each went straight into other activities and didn't have time for vacation, so the stress and exhaustion was starting to deteriorate their bodies and minds.


"Maybe this won't be as bad as it may seem. At least we'll get to hang out with each other again!" Minwoo's cheerfulness broke the gloomy atmosphere, bringing the guys' moods up a little bit. Minwoo always the optimistic one. The boys had missed being around each other during this solo time so the contest was something to look forward to. They all started to look at each other and let out a small chuckle.


"Yeah I have missed being picked on by my hyungs," Andy said quietly, grinning to himself


"Aww, I've missed you too Baby Andy," Eric latched onto Andy, hugging him and petting his hair like he was the most precious pet he had ever had. Andy giggled, trying to push Eric away before he tried to kiss him, but he wasn't strong enough. Eric planted a huge wet kiss on Andy's cheek, sending Andy into a frenzy, still giggling and wiping his cheek repeatedly. All of the guys were laughing now and the air seemed a little lighter.


"Hey, is everyone free today?" Junjin asked. Hyesung, sitting next to Jinnie, turned and looked at him. "Why? What do you have in mind?"


"Let's go out for drinks tonight, like old times. We should go to karaoke!" Jinnie suggested, getting excited about getting to hang out with his friends after so long. He leaned forward in his chair, looking hopefully at each person.


"Yeah I can go." Eric's in.

"Me too!" Andy's in.

"I have recordings today but I can move it earlier." Hyesung's in.

"I'm in between writing songs, but I need a break. Count me in." Minwoo's in. "Dongwan?"

"I have filming today..." Dongwan said with a pout.

"Aww, it won't be the same without you." Jinnie was disappointed. Everyone slumped down again staring at their hands, sad that their plans were dashed.

Dongwan looked up, around at his members' faces and bursted out laughing. They all looked at him kind of like, "What's so funny?"

"I'm kidding...I don't have filming today. I can go," chuckling to himself. When he didn't hear any response, he stopped laughing and opened his eyes, looking at the other guys. He was met with a smack in the back of the head by Minwoo and paper wads chucked at his face. "Hey! Gosh, I'm sorry. I thought it was funny," rubbing his head.


"Okay so now that EVERYONE can go (glaring at Dongwan) we'll meet at the usual karaoke bar at 8 pm. Bring your wallets 'cause I'm not paying for everyone like last time," Junjin said  with a playful smile, pointing around the table at the guilty persons.They all started to look away, clearing their throats, mumbling some incoherent excuse. Junjin laughed and stood up, gathering up his stuff. "Oh be quiet; you guys are all guilty so just admit it. Just meet there tonight. I have some things to take care of before tonight so I gotta run! I'll see ya."


"Well we should all get to our personal errands before tonight because you know how we are after a night of drinking. We won't wake up before noon comes the next day so let's go," Hyesung reminded them of their bad drinking habit. The rest of the gang nodded in agreement and stood up to leave. They all hugged each other, exchanged farewells and left to attend to their activities.




*4:00am the next morning*


Disoriented bodies layed all over Junjin's living room. They were all plastered from last night's get together. Eric was on the couch, arms swung over his head, one leg over the back of the couch and one leg hanging off the side. Andy was in the chair, legs tucked on the seat, head leaning on the armrest. Dongwan and Minwoo were sprawled on the floor in front of the couch, looking like they were having a fight in their dreams. Dongwan had Minwoo's head in a lock and Minwoo's legs were wrapped around Dongwan, trying to squeeze him to death. They finally settled with laying back to back to each other, admitting a truce, all in their sleep. Junjin chose the coffee table. He didn't even make it to his room. He layed on his belly, face barely on the table's edge, drool running a little from is mouth. His arms and legs hung off the side of the table, making the table look like it had 8 legs. Hyesung didn't make it to the bathroom like he wanted to. He was so tired, he took a detour into Junjin's bedroom and fell asleep on his warm bed. It looked so inviting...




Being the light sleeper that he was, Hyesung groggily opened his eyes and searched for the phone. After knocking over some stuff on Jinnie's dresser, he picked up the phone. "Yabeseyo?" Hyesung rasped out through his pounding drunken mind.


"Hyesung is that you? What are you doing at Junjin's house?" Jaemin was a little too loud, or so Hyesung thought, making him wince at the phone.


"Can you talk a little softer? You're hurting my ears."


"Anyways, are all of you guys over there because I can't seem to get through to everyone else."


"What? Oh yeah, we're all over here. What is it?"


"We're doing the promotional shooting today. I talked to your separate managers and it seems that today is the only day in the next 4 weeks you'll have some free time so we need to get it in today. Tell the boys. I'm coming over to pick you guys up in 30 mins. Then it's off to the salon so get ready! Now hurry up and go!!" Before Hyesung could process all of what Jaemin said through the fog in his head, Jaemin had already hung up. "Hello? Hello? Oh whatever," Hyesung sighed, dropped the phone on the ground, threw the covers over his head and went back to sleep.


*30 mins later*




Jaemin beat his fist on the door. No response. "Good thing I stole a spare key," Jaemin snickered to himself. He pretty much stole a spare from every one of the boys' houses. In the entertainment business, your house is not private anymore.


Jaemin unlocked the door and let himself in. He flicked on the lights. All five boys were dead asleep. "WHAT THE HELL?!! I told you to wake up 30 mins ago!" No one budged. Jaemin walked around the room, trying to wake the boys. Going from tickling to kicking to literally smacking, Jaemin could not get the boys to wake up. He almost got kicked in the face when he was trying to wake Eric by tickling his feet. After ten minutes, Jaemin decided to resort to drastic measures to wake the boys. Jaemin took out his bag of chili powder. He's used it in the past and learned that it worked wonderfully in times like these. The guys were heavy sleepers, leaving their mouths open when asleep so this was the only way Jaemin could get the boys to wake up on schedule during the past. He walked around the room and poured the powder into each of the boys' open mouths. "Three, two, one..." Jaemin counted to himself. All five boys jumped up at once running around the room like headless chickens, fanning their mouths. "WATER!!! NEED WATER!" All of them were screaming by now. Jaemin had everything under control. As Shinhwa was running around the room, he had gone to the kitchen and gotten 5 water bottles. He threw them at each man and they thankfully gulped down the bottle in a matter of seconds. When they were finished, it seemed each of them let out a breath of smoke. "Okay now lets get ready for the shoot," Jaemin announced.


Still fanning his mouth, Minwoo asked, "What shoot?"


"The promotional shoot for the contest. Didn't Hyesung tell you? Oh wait where is he?"


Just then Hyesung walked out into the living room, rubbing his eyes. "What's all the commotion about? Can't you see I'm sleeping?"


"Hyesung didn't I tell you to wake the guys?!"


"Is that what you said? I thought I was dreaming so I went back to sleep."


"Aish! Just get ready. We have to leave! Just go wash your faces and I'll grab some coffee on the way there," Jaemin ordered.


The guys dragged their feet to go wash their faces even though the hangover hadn't come off and they looked like a bunch of hobos with their wrinkled outfits and lopsided hair.


*At the shoot*


"Why today?" Dongwan whined, throwing his head back on the couch in the dressing room. The room was too brightly lit so Dongwan was having a hard time adjusting with his hangover headache.


Minwoo laid his head in Dongwan's lap and Junjin followed, leaning on Minwoo. "I think Jaemin said something about free time in our schedules," Hyesung said, sipping his coffee. He was in better condition than most of the boys. He had a little more sleep in a nice warm soft bed, while the others were in awkard positions through the night. Eric was dead pretty much, leaning back into his dressing chair and Andy curled up in the sofa next to him.


Jaemin walked in, looking at his clipboard, announced to the boys, "Okay we'll be done by 12 pm so you guys can go back to your own business after this." He glanced up, looking at the group of zombies in front of him. "You guys shouldn't be drinking like that anyways. It's your fault for getting drunk when you have work to do so get your butts up and go out there and shoot a good promotional video!"


They all got up slowly, dragging their feets to the door. Andy was still his position on the sofa. His leg started twitching then he jumped up all of a sudden, sitting straight up and pointing his finger, staring with his eyes wide open. All of the guys stopped to look at him. "Mama I want that pretty purple pony!" And then he fell back down on the sofa, curling himself up and going back to sleep.









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